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Monday, January 23, 2012

Luck is a Ben Wade Tonight

Just a couple of miles from my house is a great antique shop that my wife and I frequently visit. It has some nice old tobacco advertisements, way expensive of course, but never have I found an interesting estate pipe there. But as we all know things are always bound to change and this time I was there to reap the rewards. Ok nothing as great as the cache of Savinells that I came across last year but defiantly not the normal load of burned out Grabows and yellow-boles. This time around I stumbled upon an old Ben Wade free hand in excellent shape with only the slightest bit of use. I will post a pic of it with this entry and them post another later in the week after i have refurbished it. Oh ya, it was only twelve dollars! Now just trying to determine its age and which revamp of Ben Wade it hails from. All in all its a cool find for the price and condition.

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