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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dublin or Bust

Just finished pipe number four and this time it is an attempt at a dublin. I really dig using patches of rustication on the pipe, plus its a great way to cover flaws or grain issues as pipe makers discovered long ago. So anyhow I hope all of you have not yet grown tired of my pipe making endeavors for I am having a great time in doing it. With each one I have encountered several obstacles and ruined a few pieces of briar in the process but it is all part of the challenge. And with each one I find a new way of doing a particular procedure. Oh and as a side note I have really been enjoying Mac Baren's Plumcake, if you have not tried it I suggest getting a tin and giving it a whirl!


  1. That is stunning! You are becoming a downright dangerous pipe craftsman.

  2. Keep up the work on the pipes... really enjoying seeing your work. Also thank you for raving so much about Mac Baren's plumcake, my life has been changed!

  3. Hey thanks for the complements on the pipes, got busy with other things the last couple of weeks but back to the pipes now and glad you like the plumcake, it's awesome.