And why?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Briar in Idle Hands

Got in the shop tonight with no ideas or direction trying to think of something constructive to do with these idle hands and picked up a piece of briar. Now actually I should have started on a few furniture projects being that a couple of store fronts have offered to carry some of my items but this night the briar was calling. No mark ups, no lines and no ideas, just picked up a block and started shaping. No sure of the shape, kind of dublin-esk I would guess but I like it so all is good.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fruits of This Weeks Labor

Well now that we are pretty much moved I have been able to get back into the shop a little bit. Next order of business is to expand! The property our new house is on already had a "crude" but workable shop measuring about 2oo square feet which houses most of my equipment but does not leave space to move, literally. So the next major undertaking is to expand. But in the mean time I sacrificed comfort in order to try to get a few new pipes out. I will try to remember and keep you all posted with the ever so exciting expansion of the new shop, yes, yes, I know all are gripping the edges of their seats but you must contain yourselves and in the meantime check out the new pipes!