And why?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Two negatives a positive does not make.

Well its afternoon on a Friday and the view from my office is one that seems to be the norm here lately.  Spring time winds in west Texas are nothing to be trifled with for at the moment the gusts are reaching sixty miles per hour and contain a good portion of earth in them.  Ahh the subtle beauty of a dirt red sky.  There is nothing like a fresh sand blasting for your skin each and every time  you venture from the safety of the indoors. On to the point, I am leaving town for a couple days but wanted to leave you with a teaser of what’s coming up.  First off unfortunately unlike in the world of mathematics, in the world of pipe smoking two negatives do not equal a positive.  Bad advice on a bad tobacco in this instance can best be acquainted to the smoking of a fruitcake and for added measure the reviews were stellar so what does that say of me?  And what was this most unfortunate dish...?  Ahh but that, my friend, must wait until I return.  But on the better side of things I will discuss my conclusions on the Peterson p-lip paradigm.