And why?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Revisiting a Pipe shop in D' Town

So now that I am trying to tie up the final loose ends at my soon to be "old" job, I am trying my best to use all remaining vacation time. This has been easily accomplished by simply following my wife on all of her "official" business travel for work. So far it has been Houston, Dallas and soon to San Antonio. This has also given me the delightful opportunity to peruse out of town pipe shops. Now all I need is to convince the wife of a "New pipe acquisition allowance". Well I can dream right? Though I should not protest to much due to the fact that I have come home with a new pipe from the first two cities and there is still San Antonio to come! While in Dallas I visited a familiar shop called Up in Smoke. Now it is a shame that such a classy shop first conjures up images of a "head" shop with its unfortunate name. The shop does not quite live up to "Cheech and Chongs" high brow standards but a nice quaint pipe and cigar shop it is. So as I looked over the inventory of briar goodies searching for something new but budget conscience, I spied a delightful little Stanwell. It just so happened that up to that juncture in time, I did not own a Stanwell and the price was choice. So a Stanwell it was to be. The particular model is a Stanwell Statement, it is lightly sandblasted with a short bit and a nice nose-warmer length. All and all a great looking pipe and equally great smoker.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quick Vid

Just a quick, and mostly pointless, video to show pipe number twelve to my youtube pipe community friends. Smoking my Peterson Aran with a little Blackney's Best Latakia Flake. Cheers!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Briar!

Just got a shipment of new briar so it's time to make dust again! With a whole twelve, lol, pipes under my belt I am anxious to get back in the shop this week and get some more rolling out the door. It has been hard to find the much pipe making time lately with the slow move and training my replacement at work but alas things are slowly clearing out and I itching to further my endeavors at pipe making. I was was very pleased with the last one but have so much more to learn and hone. But as I said, I have more briar,so off to the shop! Cheers!

Oh, and Brad one of these has your name on it!