And why?

Friday, August 31, 2012

She Does it Again

Well I have just noticed that a new pipe of mine, one of great distinction, has not made an appearance hear on my blog. This simply can not remain and must be corrected at once! If you were to go back some time in this here blog space you would find an entry relating to an extraordinary gift form my dear wife to commemorate our twelfth anniversary, it was my first meerschaum pipe. A beautiful CAO Beckler. That brings me to the next point, I was recently making comment on my youtube channel, I believe discussing the fact that there were many brands of pipe that would probably never grace my collection solely based on their hefty price tags. I could not see myself dropping such money on a pipe. Well a couple of weeks ago the time came again to celebrate our anniversary, this time our thirteenth. Being that we have just moved and purchased a new house and with all the expenses related to doing so, it was agreed to keep this celebration quaint and most of all inexpensive, you know the sweet and simple remembrance of our love and union. I traveled to see her that night, remember she had already relocated and I was soon to follow, it was to be a sort of surprise. We had reservations at a special place for dinner and upon returning to the house I would give her the sweet but simple gift that had accompanied me. But before we left from diner she throws in the proverbial "monkey wrench". I was preparing to leave and suddenly there before me was a small humbly wrapped box in the middle of the table. The proportions of the box instantly brought forth my speculations of its contents. To myself and many of you who read this page, a box in such a size leads one to conjor the possible contents, not wishing to jump to conclusion but at the same time optimistic of its nature. I slowly removed the wrapping to reveal the words Cavicchi C. . To say the least she had outdone herself, once again. The wife I have been blessed with loves to give like no other. I can honestly say that her greatest joy is in giving to others. As I looked upon this marvelous piece of briar with its tulip wood band a feather-like feel, I looked to her and said "You know, two years in a row sets a presidence so I can only imagine what next year will bring", lol. But in all seriousness it is awesome and heart felt and I will let the picture do the talking. So Kayla, hears to you and thirteen years of bliss!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Pipe Finished

Just wanted to show you all my latest pipe, it is finished and en-route to the Northwest Youtube Pipe Presenters Conference along with my previously completed one. I have several more in the works but slightly delayed due to getting my shop move to the new house. And on that subject... I have finally got moved into the new house!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Couldn't Pass on Sharing this Pic!

So if you are a reader of this blog, which would probably make you an all around glutton for punishment, then you are familiar with my love of Mark Twain. Often people ask who is your favorite pipe smoker? Well it goes without saying that mine is Twain. Twain embodies so much of my childhood romanticism with classic americana that extrudes coolness with a smattering of eclectic distinguishement (yes I may have just made that last word up, or at least spell check says so). Anyhow to the point now, I came across this picture of the man today that I have never seen and found it way to good not to share. Come on it is Twain in a bath robe with pipe and dog in tow. That's good stuff!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Getting Back to Work

So I received a new shipment of briar about four weeks ago and was anxious to get at it but it was just this week that I found the time. Anyhow enough of my complaining, it's time to get back in the shop and get busy. I am going to try to get several cranked out this week in order to fulfill a couple of commitments to some good people who have patiently waited on me. This is the first pipe from the new briar and I finished it late last night. I already have a few other blocks prepped and drill so hopefully by next week I will have more to show. So check out this sweet little nose warmer poker with its tortoise shell lucite stem and check back later for more to come.