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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Road trip loot!

Lately I have been interested in the idea of refurbishing a couple of estate pipes and I have now found my victims. On a recent road trip to McKinney, Texas my wife and I stopped at a couple of antique stores, as we often do, and upon entering my eyes where instantly drawn to an old pipe stand near the back of the store. As I stated earlier I have been interested in attempting a restoration and had been on the lookout for my first candidate. The pipe rack was stuffed full of the usual antique store fodder of burned out Kaywoodies, Dr. Grabows and Yellow Boles but hiding near the back were two old Savinellis both in excellent condition. One was a Savinelli de luxe and the other a Savinelli silver KS 920 and each marked only five dollars. Moments later we were leaving the store with the two pipes in tow. In preparation I have read numerous articles on the subject of restoring estate pipes and have been gathering the materials to do so. Now with the proverbial caution thrown firmly into the wind…. I begin my attempt of resurrecting the former glory of an old smoker, or two I should say. Oh and not to forget the children, we ventured into a vintage candy store that we stumbled across and while reminiscing over favorite sweets of childhood, I discovered the bubble pipe, the licorice pipe and the only candy cigs for a truly manly child, Machismo candy cigarettes. I will post pic of the haul below so that you can feast your eyes on the day’s treasures. Enjoy.


  1. Okay, the bubble pipe had me on the floor! Great post, as always, brother.

  2. Would love to see a video on the restoration process.

  3. Very cool pipe finds. I never have such luck at antique stores. They are always way overpriced and burned out. I have restored a couple pipes I pick up in an eBay lot though. A couple Grabows and a Kaywoodie. I gave the Kaywoodie away, but one of the Grabows turned out to be one of my very favorite smokers.