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Thursday, July 28, 2011

First pipe video and Blue Note by Dan Tobacco

I have been wanting to make a video for a while now to break into the youtube pipe community so here is my first attempt. I actually pulled it down once already after hearing my own voice lol. Anyways check it out if you can and be kind it is a first attempt as I previously noted. Oh and do mention Blue Note by Dan Tobacco so check it out.


  1. Great video. I have never tried any Dan Tobaccos. I love the background music. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing! I have liked the balsa system, though I haven't used it a ton, truthfully, I don't notice a taste difference between the spacer ad the balsa system.

  2. Awesome video. I also really enjoy Blue Note by Dan Tobacco. I don't have much experience yet with different tobaccos but this is so far my favorite aromatic. Thanks for making this video and I hope many more will follow.