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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Parting is such sweet sorrow

This past weekend I purchased a new pipe that will serve as a gift next month. After spending much time at the pipe shop looking for the one that would fit the bill just right I finally settled on this beautiful Savanelli Roma series. I at least find it to be a pipe of particularly fine aesthetics and happen to know that it will be the perfect one for its recipient. Now you are probably asking yourselves, “Are you not running the risk of spoiling the surprise by this very posting?” Well rest assured that the one it is intended for is about as familiar with the inter-webz as I am with the back roads of Timbuktu so no need for the undue stress, the secret will remain so. Now to the point of my rambling, I am finding it quite difficult to leave the new pipe alone! I suddenly have reverted back to that sleepless child eagerly awaiting the arrival of Christmas morning. The mere presence of this new pipe in my home haunts me; it dances in my mind, calls to me and leaves me with a longing to be properly introduced to it, with match in hand of course. Yes I do realize that this is quite a sad if not pathetic position to say the least. The simple fact that I could be so distraught over an un-smoked pipe loitering in my house would surely call into question my sanity. But alas my dear wife has taken it from me and put it safely out of reach no longer to be ogled by my tempted eyes but safely tucked away in that secret place that lies unbeknownst to me. Or so she believes.

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  1. Ah...the passionate play of heartfelt desires for things beautiful and useful! The smokeing of the pipe desired is sweet, but the moment just before is even sweeter! Thanks for the great post!