And why?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Getting Back to Work

So I received a new shipment of briar about four weeks ago and was anxious to get at it but it was just this week that I found the time. Anyhow enough of my complaining, it's time to get back in the shop and get busy. I am going to try to get several cranked out this week in order to fulfill a couple of commitments to some good people who have patiently waited on me. This is the first pipe from the new briar and I finished it late last night. I already have a few other blocks prepped and drill so hopefully by next week I will have more to show. So check out this sweet little nose warmer poker with its tortoise shell lucite stem and check back later for more to come.


  1. That is a glorious pipe brother! How have you excelled at this so quickly? Truly gifted, you!

  2. Hey thanks Brad, you are much to kind haha. It is really not to hard to figure them out but when I see some of the other ones being made I still feel quite lacking, but improving with each one. Fortunatly I have worked with wood for a long time now and am striving to do much more in the future and it helps already having many of the tools. Oh and as I said one of these pieces of briar will be yours soon as I get my act together and quit being lazy!