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Friday, August 17, 2012

Couldn't Pass on Sharing this Pic!

So if you are a reader of this blog, which would probably make you an all around glutton for punishment, then you are familiar with my love of Mark Twain. Often people ask who is your favorite pipe smoker? Well it goes without saying that mine is Twain. Twain embodies so much of my childhood romanticism with classic americana that extrudes coolness with a smattering of eclectic distinguishement (yes I may have just made that last word up, or at least spell check says so). Anyhow to the point now, I came across this picture of the man today that I have never seen and found it way to good not to share. Come on it is Twain in a bath robe with pipe and dog in tow. That's good stuff!

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  1. Agreed. Sammy was something special! I need to read him again, it has been far far too long! Have a great day, brother, thanks for another great post!