And why?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Briar!

Just got a shipment of new briar so it's time to make dust again! With a whole twelve, lol, pipes under my belt I am anxious to get back in the shop this week and get some more rolling out the door. It has been hard to find the much pipe making time lately with the slow move and training my replacement at work but alas things are slowly clearing out and I itching to further my endeavors at pipe making. I was was very pleased with the last one but have so much more to learn and hone. But as I said, I have more briar,so off to the shop! Cheers!

Oh, and Brad one of these has your name on it!


  1. Don't tease me, brother! My mouth is watering just looking at all that beautiful briar! In the hands of a true crafts man. How is the move coming along? The little one coming along well?

    Big Love,

  2. No teasing, it will be in the works shortly! As for the move... lol, its going slow trying to settle things here. My wife is already moved for the most part so I plan to be there in the next couple of weeks, crazy times but all is good. As for the "little one" we are in preparation for his arrival in November. Its becoming more real every day, both exciting and terrifying at the same time haha!