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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Twelve And A Move

So in the mix of all the craziness that life has dealt in the last couple of months I have managed to finish pipe number twelve. To bring you all to date if you have not been following, the last couple of months have brought a new job for my wife which in return brought a move (in the process of) along with us anxiously expecting our first child this fall. Busy to say the least. My lovely wife began her new job almost three months ago and we have been traveling back and forth to spend the weekends together, fortunately it is only a two and a half hour drive. I in the mean time have been trying to tie things up at my job and help find my replacement while at the same time pondering the ever daunting task of getting our house ready to go on the market. Now if a new job, new city and new baby were not enough, lets throw in a new house to the mix! Yes we unsuspectingly stumbled upon a house that we fell in love with, two months later, countless head aches and miraculously coming up with the down payment we own a new house. I while soon give you a virtual blog tour of the new home but in the mean time my short description will have to suffice. It is about one mile out of the city limits of Buffalo Gap Texas sitting on roughly two acres. The location and property is awesome and added bonus of a shop already on site and a cool room above the garage that my wife says can be my indoor smoking lounge! Anyways enough of that, more to come so stay posted. As mentioned earlier I finished my twelfth pipe, a free hand dublin from a plateau with a lucite stem. This one was requested by my wife as a Fathers Day present for her dad. I am pretty happy with the results so check out the pics. And with that I leave you with promises of more pipe and pointless ramblings to come.

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  1. That pipe is just plain gorgeous. Absolutely breathtaking! Did you stain that? You are an artist, sir. Truly.