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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Score

Greetings friends, I hope you are all well on this first day of spring. It actually rained here in west Texas today which is truly a blessing being that we have been in a severe drought for the last couple of years here. All of that aside, if you follow this blog you then defiantly know of my love for the old and nostalgic especially when it involves old pipe stuff. My wife and I often hit the area antique stores and where ever else we may come across some old eclectic piece that cries for a new home. This last weekend we drove to a small town about forty five miles from our home to explore the refuse of the past and to just get away for a few hours.
Now laying that foundation, I have been on the lookout for one of those old, simple pipe racks that sit on a table top with the glass humidor in the middle. I often come across them but usually they are in bad shape and have some sort of hideous decoration or at least don’t appeal to my eye. But last Saturday my luck changed and I stumbled upon a pristine condition, seven pipe, corner pipe rack made of walnut and sporting simple but refined, classic lines, the perfect addition for a room and not to mention giving seven of my pipes a proper nesting spot. Oh and also I left with a really old Velvet pipe tobacco tin that will also enjoy a new home in my smoking lair!


  1. Score! Congrats! Truly a beautiful set. I like that bulldog, really nice.

  2. That's a nice rack, and your pipes look great in it. I love to visit antique stores and flea markets on the lookout for great pipe stuff. It's increasingly hard to find around here. The shop owners tell me that a lot of people come through looking for it. Personally, I'm wondering if the resellers are on the prowl for these items. Can't blame them as I suppose their business can really be boosted by good finds. I enjoy your site!

  3. I have had the same kind of experiences lately, one lady at an antique store told me that they regularly have college kids coming in looking for pipes. And thanks for reading ramblings here, haha, I have a lot to post but have fallen behind, life has been a bit crazy lately. We just found out that we are expecting our first child and also moving to another city and this all occurred over the last three weeks. I will hopefully get some updates going tonight.