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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pipes From the Abyss

Well after a couple of weeks bout with a fierce cold, I have a couple of new pipes finished to present to the world or at least the beloved few of you that follow this sporadic blog. And to all of you I say thanks. These two pipes will make my eighth and ninth to have completed. The ninth one, the bent Dublin, is by far the best quality one thus far. Not only was the piece of briar for this one superb quality with virtually no flaws, everything just seemed to work out wonderfully with it making for a great pipe. Each one is getting better as I learn from my previous mistakes and figure out new ways of doing things. So please take a look and leave your thoughts.


  1. #9 Looks amazing. I picked up a can of Plumcake based off your comments on it. All I can say is THANKS!

    1. Ya Plumcake is awesome stuff, it has defiantly become a favorite of mine. And thanks on the kind comment, I am very pleased with how the dublin came out.

  2. Nice looking pipe. When can I buy one?

  3. Hey Matthew, I will hook ya up soon, I promise lol.