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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Surly a treasure from the KIng of the Leprechauns

While out perusing the local antique shops today, as my wife and I often do, I came across this little treasure.  And I do mean little!  At first sight of it I immediately thought it to be a novelty or possibly an advertising piece but upon closer inspection I found it to be a fully functioning oddity of the briar type.  If you can’t get the size perspective from the included pic, it measures a grand 3 ½ inches in length with an outer bowl diameter of ¾ inches.  It is marked “Wally Frank, imported briar”.  When I removed the stem it contained one of those wicked looking metal filters that are often found on old pipes.  And yes, in case you have all been wondering, it had been smoked.  I was able to search and find a small bit of information on Wally Frank pipes but found no mention of this pint sized marvel.  So unless I hold conclusive proof of the existence of leprechauns, I would be glad to glean any insight you could throw my direction.  Regardless, it is now a proud addition to my collection.

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