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Friday, June 10, 2011

In the words of Charlie Sheen, "Winning"!

Well it’s been a winning kind of night all around, that is except for my screaming quad muscle.  To start off my soccer team, the Shooting Blanks, gained some much needed vindication tonight after last weeks game by taking down the GeriHatricks, great team name, 5 to 3.  And what better way to follow up a great win then a winning combination of pipe and tobacco?  Tonight’s after game celebration consisted a beautiful duet staring Dunhill and Savaneli.  The pipe of choice for tonight was a fairly new acquisition from Heroes and Legacies one of the local tobacconist here.  It is a Heroes and Legacies signature model made by Savaneli and a truly beautiful pipe and smokes superbly.  It is nicely rusticated with a translucent yellow lucite stem.  The first time I saw this pipe in the store I, without giving it a second glance, quickly passed it by. But I found that it began to slowly creep into my mind over the next couple of weeks.  And strangely enough my intrigue with grew.  I soon returned to give it a closer inspection and moments later it was mine, a proud new member of the family.  Not to disparage my other pipes, this one has quickly climbed the ranks and become one of my favorite smokers.  As for the other half of this night’s equation, the renowned Dunhill Nightcap fit the bill flawlessly.  I just recently acquired my first tin of night cap and have enjoyed in a many of nights since.  With its well balanced yet distinguished mellowness it makes for a perfect conclusion to this victorious night.  And with that I bid a good night to you all.

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