And why?

Friday, December 21, 2012

New Pipes

In all of the things going on in life these days I have failed to post any pics of recent pipes that I have completed so here are a few of them.


  1. Chris,
    Your Pipes are stunning! Great job. Can't wait to own one of my own.

  2. Chris your pipes look amazing and from some of the reviews I have read they smoke great too.
    I would love to own one of your pipes myself. Also, congrats on the new baby and I hope everything turns out swell.
    If you would like to talk further I can give you my email. Just really great pipes man. Keep it up.

    ~ Dakota

    1. Hey Dakota, thank you for the kind words about my pipes, I greatly appreciate it. I am trying to get my email address to you but google+ and blogspot make it hard for some reason but here it goes. I would love to discuss making you a pipe.
      Thanks, Chris

    2. I know what ya sayin. Google plus has been acting up a little bit for me. I did manage to send ya out a email and follow ya on Google plus.

      Keep on puffin