And why?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Double Minded Man

Have Your opinions of a tobacco ever changed with time? You bought it, smoked it, disliked it then stuck it away to be forgotten only to rediscover it months later with a new found appreciation. I have done this myself several times over the past couple of years finding some tobaccos to blossom with age while others tank in their evolution in a jar or tin.


  1. I totally know what you mean. I have sampled many blends, to resample them later to find that I approve of them more (or less!) as time goes on. A classic example that really comes to mind is Dunhill's Royal Yacht. I always liked the flavor, but it was too strong for me when starting out. Now I usually start the day with it!

    Oh, and of course the entire scope of Lakeland tobaccos! The more Lakeland I have the better it tastes! Dunno why...

    I think this has to do with an ever changing and maturing palate, one that can reform opinions of already sampled blends after becoming more experienced by sampling other new blends. The question is, once you have tried everything (haha) will your palate stop growing?

  2. Hey there Professor, I would have to agree that one's ever changing, developing or maturing palate defiantly keeps things interesting. But also the effect a little aging, or more likely drying, can have a marked impact on taste and character of a tobacco. Fortunately there are still a great deal of blends out there for me to try before I am faced with such a dire question as you posed, for now at least haha.